DIY Windshield Wiper Repair Tips for Common Issues

Windshield wiper repair is an essential element in the safety process for your vehicle. There are a number of issues that can arise with windshield wipers, which makes knowing some tips for the process beneficial.


There can be several noises made by wipers while they are in operation, which will make windscreen wiper repair necessary. Squeaking and stuttering noises made by the wipers are a sign of a problem with them that will require repair. When this is the case, check the point where the wiper meets the car as well as the positioning of the rubber blade.


Make sure that you use the correct method for the windshield wiper repair. Do not attempt to drag the wiper blades from the groove they sit in before releasing the fasteners used to secure them. Make sure that you use the correct tools for the process of removing and installing wiper blades.    


If the operation of the wiper blades results in streaks across the windscreen or it squeals when it moves, this is often due to the fact that the rubber blades are incorrectly fitted. When this is the case, the blades will need to be removed and reinstalled in the correct manner.