Do Air Fresheners Reduce the Car Smoke Odor? Do Air Fresheners Reduce the Car Smoke Odor?

Car smoke odor is unpleasant at best and very nasty at worst. The first thing you should do if you are experiencing the smell of smoke in your car is to find out what the cause is and have it addressed. There could be a serious issue with your exhaust system or engine.

Hanging Air Fresheners

Air fresheners do indeed disguise the smell of car smoke, but there is a significant difference between reducing the smell and disguising it. When you first install a car air freshener you will know that as soon as you take it out of the packet you are exposed to a new and pungent odor of the chosen fragrance of smell. It encompasses the entire car and takes away the smell of anything else. Once the fragrance settles down you might find that the smell will still be there as an undertone.

Spray Fresheners

Spraying a freshener in your vehicle will also have an immediate effect on any other odors in the car. Since the spray is in liquid form it will infiltrate the fabrics of the interior and remove the odor of smoke if it has sunk into the upholstery. Spraying the air freshener is probably preferable if the smell of car smoke has been seeping in for quite some time.

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