Do Certain RV Paint Colors Fade Slower than Others? Do Certain RV Paint Colors Fade Slower than Others?

There are a lot of RV paint colors that you can use for your vehicle but there is always the issue of one color fading faster than other colors. This has affected the judgments of many vehicle owners, that they change their choice of color to one that is supposed to fade longer, instead of having the color that they like.

Is There Such a Thing?

Actually no scientific proof exists that a particular paint color will fade faster than the others. There is a belief that if you paint your vehicle red or black, it will fade out fast. However, it is a scientific myth. The main reason for the belief comes from the way the human eyes respond to the different color in the spectrum. A white paint will fade as fast as red or black or any other color for that matter. But since there are no pigments present in a white paint, the fading is not very noticeable. Hence the belief that it fades out longer than other colors.

Preventing Fast Fading

The places where you keep your car at night have so much effect on the fading of your RV paint. If it left outside to the mercy of the elements, it will degrade the quality of your paintwork fast. You should then keep it in a garage, where the weather and climate will have less impact on the paint thereby increasing the good looks of your car paint.

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