Do Chimney Cleaning Logs Really Work?

When looking into chimney cleaning options, one of the more intriguing choices that you have is to use a chimney cleaning log. The idea of a log being able to clean your chimney is very appealing. Many customers wonder whether this actually works. Here are a few things to consider about chimney cleaning logs and their level of effectiveness.

How They Work

The idea behind these logs is very simple. You are supposed to be able to put them in the fireplace, burn them, and they will make your chimney easier to clean. This is done by impregnating the logs with certain chemicals that are designed to break down the build up that is on the inside of the chimney.


This product can provide some benefit in certain situations. However, it is not designed to completely clean your chimney like the name of the product would suggest. It will assist in breaking down creosote that builds up on the inside the chimney. However, it is not usually effective enough to completely do the job that is required. If you read the label on one of these products, it claims to help reduce as much as 60% of the build up in chimneys. However, after, you will still have to go through and clean the chimney on your own.