Do Electric Fireplaces give off Radiation?

An electric fireplace can be extremely convenient. They allow you to enjoy the look and feel of a fireplace without having to deal with lugging logs in to your home, cleaning a chimney, and venting any fumes. Many people wonder about the technology used, and if it's safe. Here's what you should know about electric fireplaces and radiation.

Heating Elements

An electric fireplace works by creating radiant heat. This is created through the use of infra-red radiation. This creates a quiet, clean heat source that works quickly in most rooms. Unlike other heat sources, infra-red works by heating objects in the room, not the air in the room itself. This creates a more efficient way of heating, will keep you comfortable, and is much cleaner than a wood burning fireplace.


Infra-red radiation is simply a form of energy. It heats in a similar fashion to the sun, but doesn't carry the harmful UV rays. Infra-red radiation is not known to cause burns, such as ultraviolet radiation. Infra-red radiation is not harmful, does not have health risks attached, and actually emits less radiation than a microwave. Infra-red is actually the same type of heat created by the human body. So even though radiation is emitted through an electric fireplace, it poses no danger.