Do French Doors Cost More Than Others?

French doors cost more than other doors because of their construction. 

The Cheapest Door 

A hollow core door is the cheapest door you can purchase for your home.

If, you are on a strict budget this door is fine for indoor use. It is not durable and does not provide enough security for use as an outside door. 

French Doors Cost More 

Steel doors are most often used as exterior doors because they are strong and secure. Fiberglass doors are maintenance free. No worrying about rotting, warping or splintering with these doors. The most popular choice is the solid wood door. These doors can be installed both interiorly and exteriorly. While wood doors are beautiful they need constant upkeep. 

Why do French Doors Cost So Much? 

French doors cost more because it is expensive to manufacture an energy efficient door with a full glass panel. Also, the frame for a French door is stronger than a regular door. The frame must carry the weight of the glass and also keep the door from sagging or twisting out of shape. The heavy weight adds to the French doors cost. Quality hinges are needed to hold the door in place. It can take three door hinges on each side to properly support the door.