Do It Yourself Chocolate Bridal Shower Favors

Spoiling your guests with mouth watering and personalized chocolate bridal shower favors, makes the occasion a memorable one. Food is something everybody loves. and if diamonds are a girl’s best friend, chocolate treats are in second place.

You and the bride-to-be might want to decide on what type of chocolate favors your guests are going to indulge in. Virtually anything can be made from chocolate and anyone with some creativity, time and patience can do it. Any gift that is personalized makes a big difference to someone’s day. There are many inexpensive chocolate bridal shower favors to choose from. Here are some ideas that are easy and fun to do at home.

Dipped Spoons

These sinful party favors are ideal for adults, since they are perfect accompanied with a hot beverage. You need to buy chocolate melts, ribbon and decorative cellophane. Melt the chocolate and dip the spoons into it. Lay them on a wax paper to cool. Make them more attractive by sprinkling sugar and/or jimmies. Once the chocolate is hard, wrap the spoons in the cellophane, and tie with ribbon. A thank you card can be added.

If the chocolate topped spoons are made of metal or wood, they can be kept as a memoir of the occasion.

Personalized Chocolate Bars

Having a chocolate bar custom made for the occasion is a great idea. You just need to buy the candy bars of your choice and a double stick tape. Having a computer and a printer at home allows you to design and print the new wrapper yourself. Simply remove the old chocolate cover and take its measurements for the new one. Leave the foil of the bar in place. Customize the wrapping, saying or showing anything you wish. After printing, cut the size you need and cover the chocolate bar.

Chocolate Molds and Sculptures

Using cookie molds, you can make you own chocolate treats. Melt the chocolate in a double broiler, or in a microwave. Put the chocolate into your mold, and tap out all the bubbles. Put the mold into the fridge to cool. Once the chocolate is solid, pop it. Wrapped in festive cellophane and tied with colorful ribbons, this favor is a beautiful, inexpensive masterpiece.

You can also make chocolate clay, to mold it by hand into your desired shape. For the more advanced crafters, sculpt personalized chocolate with a knife. Some sculpture ideas you can adapt are champagne bottle-shaped chocolates or castles.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

First, design and personalize your favorite tags. Cut them out in rectangular shapes, and affix the tags on a solid paper to act as a border. Double hole-punch the tags and feed the ribbon through. Dip the pretzels into melted chocolate, and let them dry overnight. To give the final touches, place these favors in cellophane bags, and tie them up with your unique tags.

Packed Favors

Candy, cookies and chocolates are classic and popular wedding favors. Candies can be purchased and packed in a simple white box. The box can be beautifully customized with printed pictures, the couple's names and date of the occasion. It can also be decorated with craft items such as ribbons, beads and glitter, and packed in decorative cellophane, tulle or tissue paper. This option is probably the easiest and fastest chocolate favor you can do.