Do It Yourself In-Ground Pool Building Tips Do It Yourself In-Ground Pool Building Tips

If you’re building a do it yourself inground pool, it might seem as if you’re biting off plenty of work. You are, but there are ways to make life much easier as you work.

Before You Start

Before you begin digging your do you it yourself inground pool, obtain any planning permission needed and contact utility companies to make sure you won’t be digging through any lines or pipes.

Type Of Pool

There are two types of inground pool gunite and fiberglass. It’s easier to work with fiberglass as you only need to dig the hole and insert the pool.


If you’re working with gunite, be aware that it takes 2 weeks to cure before you can put tiles in the pool. The hole for the swimming pool will also need to be lined with rebar.


Unless you’re an experienced plumber it’s advisable to use a professional plumber. The installation of water lines and drains can be quite complex and requires specialized tools.


A good do it yourself indoor pool requires a deck. Wait to put this in until after the tiling on the pool is complete. Depending on local regulations, you might also need to build a fence around the pool for it to be legal.

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