Do It Yourself Patio Enclosures: A Planning Guide

Adding a patio enclosure to your home is like adding an extra room. It can be used for a variety of reasons, as well as providing a relaxing space or an additional family room. It can provide protection from the sun during hot summer months as well as protect against harsh winter winds as well. It may also be able to add value to your home. Though it may sound like a difficult job, it can be done with the proper amount of tools and a little sweat equity. Planning is an essential part of every building project.

Set The Budget

Every major project starts with a budget. Deciding how much it will cost to build your patio enclosure is very important. It will help keep you within a predetermined spending limit. The budget will most likely be an estimate and you may spend a little more or a little less than you have planned for. Allow room in your budget for unexpected expenses as the project goes along. Leaving room for error will allow you enough finances to correct small mistakes. If you are unsure of the general cost to build a patio enclosure you can do an online search to get an idea. However, doing it yourself will be much cheaper than hiring a contractor. Your budget will only include supplies and not labor fees.

Apply For Building Permits

A building permit is required when adding any structure to the outside of your home. It’s like receiving permission from the state to add additions. Building permits also require builders in this case you to follow certain safety guidelines. Before you start your do-it-yourself patio enclosure, you must obtain a building permit. Having it will eliminate any possible reasons to delay your project. Another requirement of the building permit is to inspect the project at the start and at its completion to be sure your finished project is indeed compliant with building codes. Applying for the permit a few weeks before the start of the project will help keep you on schedule also.

Purchase Supplies

After you have received your building permit, you are free to get started. Take measurements around the perimeter to get an idea of how many supplies you will need. These measurements will also determine how large or small your patio enclosure will be. Document the measurements on a sheet of paper and be sure to carry it with you when shopping for supplies. Create a supply list that includes both hardware and the actual pieces you will need. The types of supplies you will need depend on the type of patio enclosure you plan on building. Many hardware and do-it-yourself stores have entire sections dedicated to patio enclosures. You can determine if you would like to purchase pre-made supplies that only need to be erected and supported or to build from scratch. In any case, having your measurements ready when shopping for the supplies will give you a general idea of the amount supplies you will have to purchase.