Do It Yourself Roofing: Estimating Costs

Do it yourself roofing is a difficult project to take on, but is also very rewarding and will save you a lot of money. Before you can even begin to start a do it yourself roofing project, you need to estimate the costs for the project. There will be some research to do on your part, but an informed homeowner is a wise homeowner. The article below will explain several things you need to look for when you take on a do it yourself roof estimation project.

Roofing Materials

Estimating the cost of materials for your do it yourself roofing project can be tricky. The materials you are going to use are dictated by your needs. If you need to repair broken wood you will need a saw and lumber. If you are replacing shingles you have several material choices including ceramic, metal and rubber. You may also need metal or rubber roofing sheets. You may also have to replace vents which are plastic or metal and you will need sealant so they do not leak. You will also need roofing nails, hammer (or nail gun) and a ladder. If the job will last more than a day you may also need several tarps to cover the roof in case of poor weather. When replacing tiles, shingles or sheeting you need to know how much you need. A roof size is determined by "roofing squares". One 10-foot by 10-foot area is equal to one roofing square. Measure the outside length and width of the home and multiply them together. Convert this number into roofing squares by dividing it by 100.


Doing labor yourself means you do not have to pay anyone else to do it, which will save you a lot of money. However, the job may take longer depending on materials and what is needed. Replacing an entire roof by yourself can take a week or more, but a team of 3 could do it in in 4 days. Your friends may work for food or favors, or you may bargain on an hourly wage. Using an actual roofer can reduce work time in half, while giving you piece of mind that it will be done correctly. The average cost for a roofer is $100.00 an hour. This can be effected by how large his team is. To replace an entire roof with a crew of three can take up to a week. A simple patch job can be completed in a few hours with one person.

Permits and Insurance

Navigate your browser to your community's government website and search for "building permits." You'll be presented with many headings. A building permit costs anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00, depending on the area you live in and the work you are planning to do. Insurance is not mandatory on a do it yourself roofing job, but if your outsource the labor, you are acting as a subcontractor and will need it. The cost is around $1,500.00 for coverage but this varies by company and location.