Do It Yourself Spark Plug Repair: 4 Important Safety Precautions

Spark plug repair requires easy mechanic skills that you can surely do. Spark Plugs outline a component of the car ignition system, thus you should also have a look on helpful tips for car ignition repair. It is advisable that you determine first the problem of your spark plug before performing any kind of repair, just to be certain that you are doing the right thing.  

Read Your Car Manufacturer’s Manual

You need to check first your car manufacturer’s manual for whichever car part repair is to move through for your troubleshooting. Read it cautiously to keep away from any kind of confusion during the repair process. Each manufacturer specifies the point for changing of the spark plugs of their cars. If it’s already time, never delay in reinstating the car part.

Check other Car Parts Connected with Spark Plugs

It is necessary to make sure that the other car parts related or connected in the running of spark plugs are in appropriate condition. Once the ignition wires are burned, they require to be changed as well. For examining the wires – look at the ignition switch system at nighttime. It is easier to observe its shorting wires during that time.

Try verifying the spark plug wires through pulling each wire by hand. Switch your engine off and allow it to cool for some minutes, otherwise it will be unsafe for you. As you pull out a wire, verify it for cracks, burns, or any sort of discoloration. Once you found no problem, join the wire back in its position. Otherwise, any damaged wire must be instantly replaced. Never pull out the entire wires all together, rather draw them individually. If not, you can get confused while repairing them in correct terminals, causing further car repair loss.

Remove the Spark Plugs

The next step is to get the debris built up suitably on your car part. Prevent any dust or dirt to drop into the ignition chamber. You can also brush off or blow air to the debris in the well to clean it thoroughly. Softly, lay the spark plug socket on top of the spark plug. Twist the wrench counterclockwise till you take out the plug. Wipe the spark plug hole for any grime. Remember that replacing the spark plug is only advisable as a last resort to mend your problem.

Replacement of New Spark Plug

It is time to replace the new plug. Install the new spark plug through placing it inside the plug's hole. Gradually rotate it clockwise to prevent cross-threading it. Or else, you damage the threads within the motor. Turn it occasionally by hand. Once it screws in effortlessly, you will verify that it’s not cross-threaded. It must feel like turning a light bulb. Also, you must screw it in with the accurate angle. Refasten the spark plug wires towards the spark plug. Next, take the plug and socket then lower them well into the plug and screw the plug using a socket extension. At this point, you are done repairing the spark plug while taking safety precautions to avoid any accident along the process.