Do Residential Water Slides Increase Home Value?

There’s no doubt that installing a residential water slide converts a dull backyard or standard swimming pool into a fun-filled family space.

Imagine that you are a potential buyer considering your home and property. You have looked at dozens of family houses, but none of them feels like a home. Suddenly you come out of the patio doors and see children whooshing down their backyard water slide!

Of course, it’s not as simple as suggesting that a home waterslide will seal the deal. In terms of assembly and maintenance (along with your in-ground swimming pool), a residential waterslide could set you back a couple thousand dollars. It is almost impossible to ascertain whether the slide actually adds that amount back to the value or your home. There is also the direct cost of the extra water needed to service the waterslide, and the cost (and effort!) of maintaining the whole pool. Then there is the cost of getting a plumber out to repair any malfunctions with the pool or slide. Repainting the slide itself to correct cracks or prevent unsightly fading can also be very time consuming.

On the other hand, one could easily argue that the slide would contribute to the image of a bustling family home and increase its saleability by making it stick out above other competition in your neighborhood and price range.