Do You Have A Water Pipe Leak?

Sometimes strange occurrences around the house may be due to a water leak, but how do you figure out whether you have a water pipe leak?

Confirm That You Have a Leak

Turn off all your faucets and other water points. Look at your water meter and see if you can see the needle moving on the dial. If there is no obvious movement, carefully mark the position of the needle. Leave it for half an hour or so and check it again. If the needle is in a different position, you're losing water somewhere on the house side of the meter. Turn your faucets and water points back on.

Check All Accessible Pipes

It is more likely that a leak will be in a pipe that is accessible, and therefore subject to being knocked. Check your pipes inch by inch. Use a paper towel to test for any wetness on the pipes.

Try to Identify the Leaking Pipe

Leaking water pipes can often be detected by sound. A stethoscope is ideal, but if you have a piece of hardwood about a foot long and an inch square you can use that. Place one end of the wood on a pipe and put your ear on the other end. Listen very carefully and you may be able to hear the water moving through the pipe or a hissing sound as water squirts out of a tiny leak.

If these fail and there is no obvious sign of water anywhere you should call in an expert.