Do You Have Space for a Home Elevator? Do You Have Space for a Home Elevator?

A home elevator can be an excellent option for individuals who live in a 2 story house, but want to remain in it as they grow older. Read on to determine your house is the right size and shape to accommodate an elevator.

Size of Contemporary Home Elevators

Surprisingly, the shaft for a home elevator takes up little more space than a walk-in closet and can be installed as a retrofit or in a newly-constructed home. For larger homes, adding an elevator can be an alternative to adding a second set of stairs.

Usually, the elevator shaft is placed in a central location that is accessible to both bedrooms and living areas. Already existing closets are convenient starting places for installing a new home elevator.

Home Elevator Design

Elevators operate from a hydraulic lift system or a cable-and-pulley and electric motor system. All of the mechanics are contained within the elevator shaft, reducing the needed space to essentially the size of a walk-in closet on both or all floors that the elevator services.

The interior of the elevator cab can be designed to match the interior of the home, including flooring and trim details. Very often, the elevator doors can be designed so that they blend into the wall, making them indistinguishable from the rest of the home's interior.

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