Do You Need a Dishwasher Air Gap? Do You Need a Dishwasher Air Gap?

A dishwasher air gap is a component that is installed in many of the newer homes and with the new models of dishwashers. A dishwasher is probably found in almost every home today. It is a useful tool for cleaning and sanitizing the dishes that are used over the course of the day and the week. Dishwashers not only wash and rinse but are also great for drying the dishes with a heated and warm dry cycle. An air gap is used to prevent sediment, dirt and grime from infiltrating into your dishwasher and clean dishes. Below are several reasons why you should consider adding an air gap to your dishwasher.

Consider the Noise

Some things to think about would be the noise level. An air gap will help to muffle some of the noises that are created by the dishwasher when it is washing the dishes.

Consider Back Wash and Dirty Water

Air gaps do although stop the dirty drain water from getting back into the dishwasher. The air gap protects the dishwasher from this happening. It would be terrible if your drain pipes were blocked from some foreign object and then sewage started to back up. With the air gap this protects this from happening. You certainly would not want a connection that crosses from your dishwasher to your sewage system. It would not be very nice if the dirty dish washer water crossed over into your drinking water system.

Consider the Health Savings

As mentioned before having an air gap is definitely good to use for health issues alone. It would be terrible if sewage started to back up into the dishwasher. It would really make a dirty mess and pollute the clean dish water causing all sort of different bacteria to enter into the dishwasher and fill up onto the clean dishes. This is a recipe for disaster and you will never know whether or not your dishes are really getting clean enough.

Consider the Building Code Requirements

Your dishwasher may have been installed perfectly to code, but many townships and local municipalities now require an air gap to be installed at the same time as the dishwasher. If you have an old dishwasher, you probably do not have an air gap but as you replace it, you will need to install one to meet the regulations of your local building codes.

Helps to Unclog Drains

The air gap actually does help to unclog the drain or piping that leads to your dishwasher. The air gap is installed so that it can discharge into your sink. If you have ever turned on your dishwasher and then found a bunch of particles in the sink after the dishwashing cycles have finished, this is because the air gap has pumped the pieces of food and other bits of stuff into the sink to clear the drain lines. It is a great component to have because it really does prevent a homeowner from having to take apart all of the piping to fish out blockages that may have developed over time.

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