Dodge Brake Repair: 4 Tips for Improving Dodge Brake Performance

If it's time to do some Dodge brake repair on your beloved Mopar vehicle, then you should do it right and do some upgrades to improve the braking performance of your car. Although Chrysler supplied OEM brake parts on most Dodge vehicles are of decent quality, there are many aftermarket parts available that can help your car stop faster and more safely.

In addition to using higher quality brake components, there are few simple things you can do to improve the performance of your Dodge vehicle's braking system. So, this article will touch on some ways to make your Dodge safer and more responsive when it's time to stop.

1. Change Brake Pads Often

Worn out brake pads are one of the most common reasons for ineffective brakes in any type of vehicle - including a Dodge. Therefore, you should not wait until the brake pads are completely worn out before replacing them. Even if a part's salesman tells you a particular brake pad comes with a lifetime warranty, remember that no brake pad lasts forever and they all need to be replaced eventually. Changing your brake pads every 30,000 miles or so will always result in quicker and safer stops.

2. Choose a High Performance Brake Pad

You can purchase a pair of cheap brake pads for less than $30; however, you may not want to trust the safety of yourself and your passengers to a pair of Chinese made brake pads. Although, a pair of quality, high performance brake pads is costly (sometimes as much as $150 or more), they always offer more stopping power - which means you will be able to stop faster when you need to.

If a $150 pair of brake pads reduces your stopping distance by only 10 to 20 feet, it could be the difference in no accident at all and a catastrophe (definitely worth the extra money). When looking for new brake pads, choose a reliable brand name. Brands like EBC, Hawk, Axxis and Stop Tech are some goods; however, there are many more. Do your research to find reliable brake pads for your Dodge.

3. Choose a Brake Upgrade Kit

If you really want to improve the braking performance of your Dodge car or truck, you should consider upgrading the entire braking system with a high quality aftermarket brake upgrade kit. The are many aftermarket kits designed to upgrade the braking system on any make and model Dodge vehicle. These kits are not cheap, but they do offer better stopping power than the OEM brakes used on your Dodge.

There are many type of upgrade kits to choose from, and the type you need will be determined by how you drive your vehicle. For example, for normal everyday driving, companies like Stop Tech and Rotora make excellent 'Balanced' upgrade kits that offer excellent braking performance. On the other hand, if you drive your Dodge like a race car, companies like EBC and Hawk offer high performance alternatives. All of the kits usually include rotors, brake pads, calipers and brake lines to upgrade the braking system in your vehicle.

4. Use Only Quality Dot 4 Brake Fluid

No matter what else you do to your Dodge's brakes, make sure to always use a quality Dot 4 brake fluid in the reservoir. Never use any other type - it could lead to a total failure of your brakes. Also, avoid using brake fluid that has sat around too long. Spend a couple of dollars and buy a new bottle.