Does a Breezeway Add Home Value?

Does a breezeway add home value? Yes, adding a breezeway or any other usable square footage to your home always increases the value. Traditionally, a breezeway refers to any structure that connect two buildings, such as a house and a garage, or a barn and some other structure.

Breezeways were left open on two sides to allow the air to pass through, leading to the term “breezeway.” It’s possible that the breezeway originated in hotter climates, where it is necessary to take advantage of cool breezes and shade, but it’s not really known if that is the true origin. Regardless of their origins, breezeways can be used for many different purposes.

One common way to use a breezeway is to enjoy the cool of the evening. Since breezeways can be screened in, the threat of being annoyed by insects can be eliminated. If preferred, a heat source can be added so that the breezeway can be functional for three seasons out of the year. Of course, it’s also possible to entirely close in the breezeway, allowing for year round use. Breezeways are suitable for entertaining guests, for relaxing, and for creating an additional play area for children and pets.

The construction of the breezeway will play a factor in how much value is added to the house, but in general, adding a good quality, functional breezeway will always add value to a home.