Does a Cordless Tool Combo Save Money Overall?

When you want power in your hands and money in your pockets, a cordless tool combo is the way to go. Battery-powered tools are slowly but surely replacing their corded counterparts in both home projects and large-scale construction work. But now, the question is whether buying such tools in bundles will save you money in the long run.

Cordless Tool Kits are Cheaper

Remember the time when mobile phones first appeared on the market? In the beginning, they were very pricey. Now, however, cell phones are ubiquitous and cheap. The same phenomenon is happening to cordless tools. As technology advances, cordless devices are becoming both more accessible and more powerful. To get a great value for your tools, buy them in sets or kits.

Cordless Tool Combo Offers More Value for Money

When you purchase a battery-powered tool combo, you are not just buying several pieces of instruments, but rather a whole system. That means that you also get most (if not all) of the accessories that you need to complete home projects. And as a system, your tool combo will have interchangeable parts like batteries and chargers. Thus, you do not need to buy extra power packs or other components. You do not normally get the same deal if you opt to buy your tools piece by piece.

Indeed, if you only consider the initial cost of buying a cordless power tool combo, you may hesitate to buy. With an average intimidating price of around $600, power tool combos can seem uneconomical. But when you break down the cost of each tool included in the kit, notice that you are getting a good deal. In addition, aside from the main power tools, most manufacturers throw in some free extras, like a flashlight and a carrying case.

Cordless Power Tool Kits are Expandable

When you buy a cordless tool combo, it is very likely that a number of devices that you need are not included in the kit. You will need to buy the excluded tools separately—but, because you already have batteries and chargers in your kit, you can purchase only the body of the items that you missed. That means you can expand your toolbox and get new power tools without buying the full assembly of each piece. These saving will add up in the long run. Just make it a point to stick to one brand of tools with the same type of battery requirements.

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