Does a Sliding Door Latch Provide Enough Security? Does a Sliding Door Latch Provide Enough Security?

Many people are concerned about the security of their sliding door latch. In some cases the latch or lock that comes on your slider is not a very sturdy lock that can be easily broken. You can do something to secure your slider in a safe manner that will keep your home safe.

Install an Additional Lock
If you are concerned over the safety of your sliding door, add an additional lock to add to your safety. The lock that you choose to install on your slider can be a much sturdier model that can only be accessed by key. Check with the manufacturer of your slider to find out if there are additional locks for your model slider that you can purchase separately.

Secure Your Home
Don’t allow the slider to become the weak point in your home security. Take some time to add some extra security to the locks on the slider and make sure that the track is completely secure. Cheaply made sliders are easily accessed by removing the door from the track and gaining access. This is easily overcome by purchasing a sturdier sliding door with a stronger track. The door should not be able to be moved up or down off the track once it is installed.

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