Does a Vinyl Tile Hurt the Environment? Does a Vinyl Tile Hurt the Environment?

Vinyl tile is made from oil-based chemicals. At one time, it gave off gasses that were harmful. More modern types of vinyl tile do not have this problem. The biggest environmental problem is in removing and disposing of older vinyl tile, which may even contain asbestos that will be released when the tile is pulled off the floor. If removing a lot of vinyl tile, have it checked by a licensed asbestos removal company.

Newer is Safer

New vinyl tile is made to be less of an environmental problem than it used to be. Vinyl flooring can be cleaned easily so it is safe for people and animals. Efforts are being made to make vinyl tile more recyclable. It can be incinerated without adding harmful gasses to the atmosphere. While it doesn't degrade in landfills, it doesn't put chemicals into landfills either. It can be argued that using vinyl flooring leaves natural materials where they belong, so that is good for the environment.

The environment of any room where vinyl flooring is used is considered safe with newer tile. When disposed of, vinyl tile is not as bad for the larger environment than most people think.


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