Does Deck Sealer Expire?

Everything has an expiry date, including a deck sealer. Deck sealer can be oil, acrylic, latex, silicon, or wax based. Because it's essential to regularly maintain a deck that has been sealed, you must have a supply of deck sealer on hand. It works out to be more economically viable if deck sealer is purchased in bulk, as opposed to purchasing in smaller tins. If you have a lot of deck treatment left after the first use don't worry, it won't expire any time soon.

Oil Based Sealer

Oil based sealer, or paint, has a shelf life of around five years. Store in a cool, dry place.

Acrylic or Latex Based Sealer

Acrylic and latex based sealer are both water based. Similar to paint in its consistency and shelf life, if stored in a cool, dry place, it should last approximately five years.

Silicon Based Sealer

Silicon based sealer has a very long life when used, is a semi-permanent option, and is hard to remove once applied. Its shelf life is around five years.

Wax Based Sealer

Wax based sealer is the least expensive option in the short term when using to seal decks. It is difficult to remove, with a short protection life span. The shelf life for waxed based sealer should be around the five year mark.


Always mix deck sealer well before applying to wood.