Does Radon Emit From My Granite Countertop? Does Radon Emit From My Granite Countertop?

Many homeowners worry that their granite countertops may be emitting radon. Radon is a gas that is found naturally in the earth, so it stands to reason that a material mined from the ground would have radon. However, the actual health risk involved has been largely exaggerated. Here are the facts.

Granite and Radon

Yes, granite countertops do emit radon. The reality, though, is that the radon emitted is in very small amounts. The EPA has found a few countertops that emit higher amounts than what they consider safe, but for the most part granite countertops are safe.

Testing Your Countertops

If you are concerned about the amount of radon in your countertops, you can purchase a test kit for around $25 to test the levels in your counter. Chances are the radon emitted from your basement will have a higher level. But even at that, a test kit may give you some peace of mind.

Learn More

The Marble Institute of America, which sets standards for testing natural stone, is a good resource for information about radon and granite. They can tell you what to do if the radon levels in your granite countertop seem high.

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