Does Replacing Your Air Filter Improve Gas Mileage? Does Replacing Your Air Filter Improve Gas Mileage?

Replacing an air filter when it is time can help increase gas mileage by ultimately reducing fuel intake. Air filters should be changed about every 10,000 miles. Over the life of a car, that is not that often. They are relatively inexpensive and the procedure is simple. Considering that it can save you money on fuel costs, it should be something you don’t put off.

How an Air Filter Works

An internal combustion engine requires a combination of air and fuel to combust in the piston chambers at just the right time. The mixture of air and fuel needs to be precise for the car to run efficiently. Air filters work to let in enough filtered air so that it mixes appropriately with the fuel to run the car. When an air filter gets clogged or blackens due to old age and wear, less air is allowed into the engine chamber. This, in turn, requires more gas to be injected into the cylinders. Not only does an old air filter create inefficient engine operation, but it uses excess fuel.

Thus, you should replace the air filter on your car when it is time. Check it at every oil change and clean it if it is still usable, but change it when necessary. Your car will run more efficiently and you will see increased gas mileage.

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