Does Solar Hot Water Work if Overcast? Does Solar Hot Water Work if Overcast?

One of the most-asked questions about solar hot water systems is whether they work in overcast conditions. The answer is "Yes", as shown by households in Britain, where solar hot water heaters came into use in 1979. How solar hot water systems work in overcast conditions is explained below.

Solar Energy Reception

The location where you want to install your solar collection panel might be viable even if you live in a climate with a low ratio of sunny days per year. Solar panels collect solar energy from both direct and diffuse radiation sources. If your home has an unobstructed roofline on its south side, with little shade to the east or west, it will be a good candidate for a solar water heater installation.

Low Hot Water Usage

If you use less hot water than the average household in your municipality or region, you can also benefit from solar hot water. Even on overcast days, your solar heating system will still provide adequate hot water for your needs. You can also install an insulated storage tank to retain excess hot water on days when you do not use the full amount produced by the system.

Even in climates with cloudy weather, solar hot water heating is a reliable choice that saves energy.

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