Dog Fence

A dog fence is an important part of keeping your pet safe and out of harms way. The thought of your precious canine getting out and lost, or even worse, hit by a car, can be very scary. The use of a dog fence will allow your pet to roam freely in their own yard, and give you peace of mind knowing they are safe.

If you have a small pet then you need to make sure that the dog fence you install is solid and does not have openings that can be easily squeezed through. Dogs like to dig and if they need a little more space they can dig around the opening until they are free.

The Big Dog Fence

Your big dog is another story, he has to have a fence large enough he can not jump or scale over. If he gets overly excited, a 4ft dog fence may not be enough to keep him secure. You want to make sure you get a dog fence that is tall enough to keep him securely inside the yard.