Dog Training Equipment: How to Make a Dog Shaker

What You'll Need
One empty metal drinks can
Assorted dog treats

There are hundreds of different varieties of dog training equipment that can be constructed from simple household items that are lying around. These will help to improve the physicality, learning speed and other factors of your beloved canine, who enjoys all sorts of learning exercises and new toys to play with. The dog shaker provides the owner with an incredibly easy-to-make toy that will provide your dog with hours (or seconds) of fun depending on how destructive a pup it really is.

Step 1 - The Can

There is a variety of dog shaker that can be made with an empty cardboard toilet roll or kitchen roll tube, but this is less practical for a few reasons. A majority of dogs will be able to open up this variety of shaker within seconds, providing almost no productivity and excitement for the dog. The dog must work for its treats, so the can shaker is a far more successful contraption. First, make a few holes in the can so that the dog can smell or see the treats, then cut off the top and bottom of the can and apply a few layers of selotape to ensure that your dog cannot be cut by the can.

Step 2 - Treats

Now that you have the body of your home-made dog shaker complete, you can select the treats to place inside. Pick treats with either a distinctive smell or a distinctive sound when rattling against the can walls—as this will stimulate the dog's excitement and ensure that it does not lose interest before discovering how to get into the shaker. This toy teaches your dog the importance of commitment and allows it to think creatively.

Step 3 - Sealing the Shaker

With the top and bottom of the can safely covered by selotape and the treats inside, it is now time to apply a few layers of paper to the open top and bottom and selotape them on also. This provides two ports of entry for your canine, yet the metal body of the can adds a longer play-time and a more positive acoustic than an empty toilet roll. Now that you have completed your dog shaker, you can introduce it to your dog and sit back as it plays and learns for hours on end.

Step 4 - Progression

This is only the beginning of your journey into homemade toys for your dog. The shaker is so easy to make that you can produce one as soon as your canine has solved the previous one. Why not try making ones that are harder to break into, building up your dog's determination. You may soon think that there are a lot of other toys that you could create using only waste materials. It will provide you with a much closer relationship with your canine and also a lot of savings from the pet shop!