Which Dog Breed is Right for Your Personality? Which Dog Breed is Right for Your Personality?

Ever since the first dog discovered that hanging around humans meant free food, the bond between dog and mankind has been a powerful one. No other relationship gives you so much unconditional love and trust.

But as dogs and humans have evolved, it has become clear that not every dog is right for every human. Picking the right dog is now as complex as picking the right partner. Before you buy a dog, it is wise to learn as much about the different breeds of dog as you can.

More importantly, you should also get to know as much about yourself as you can. Be honest about the kind of person you are and the kind of live you enjoy living. Then, when you bring a four legged friend into it, there won’t be any heartbreak on either side.

This is not about your living conditions – if you live in a high rise apartment, the restrictions that imposes should already give you a fair idea of what sort of dog will fit in.

But there is more to successfully owning a dog than getting one small enough to fit into your apartment. For example, there is a big different between a miniature fox terrier and a King Charles Spaniel and it’s not the length of the coat. The Foxie is a lively little critter who will want to play and have fun, while the King Charles will enjoy being curled up at your feet while you watch TV. If you are active and think `big dog’, or sedentary and think `small dog’, you could risk making the wrong choice.

Let’s have a look at some different owner profiles and the kind of dog that will best suit their needs:

Owner: Very active, sports oriented, hardly ever spends a weekend at home.
Best Dog: Terriers and working dogs. Consider the Border Collie, Fox terrier, Labrador, Cocker Spaniel.

Owner: Stay at home, enjoys a few good friends, books, sitting by the fire. Ideal exercise is a leisurely stroll through the autumn leaves.
Best dog: A quiet breed not requiring a lot of exercise. Consider the King Charles Spaniel, Chi Hua Hua, the Bassett hound, the Boston Terrier.

Owner: Happy go lucky, not too concerned with appearances, doesn’t like a lot of rules and restrictions. Always chooses the road less traveled by.
Best dog: A tough, low maintenance and resilient but loyal breed. Consider an Airedale, Fox Terrier, Australian Cattle Dog, Boxer, Pug, a bitzer.

Owner: Fashionable, elegant, not a hair out of place or on the carpet.
Best dog: Probably no dog at all, but if you insist - minimum shedding, well bred, impeccable manners. Consider the hairless varieties – Chinese Crested, Chi Hua Hua. Or the elegant short haired Italian greyhound.

Owner: Special needs, Sight or hearing impaired, mobility impaired, wheelchair, age related, stress conditions, depression.
Best dog: Companion dog, trained service dog. Speak to an expert about this. Some dog breeds used in these areas are Labradors, German Shepherds, Collies, Dalmations. If keeping a dog is out of the question, consider visits from a pet therapy dog.

No matter which dog you eventually choose, remember that it is a commitment for the lifetime of the dog. So choose carefully!

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