Dogwood Tree Dogwood Tree

The dogwood tree is typically known for their beautiful spring flowers. They are a part of the Plantae Kingdom, the Magnoliopsida class, Cornales order, Cornaceae family, and Cornus genus.

Different Dogwood Trees

There are many, many different types of dogwood trees such as the Pagoda Dogwood Tree, the Giant Dogwood Tree, the Flowering Dogwood Tree, the Kousa Dogwood Tree and the Cornelian Cherry Tree.

The Pagoda Dogwood Tree is known for its layered horizontal branching structure. It can be grown as a single trunk or a multi-trunk tree. This tree produces clusters of small white flowers and blackish-blue berries. The Giant Dogwood Tree is fast growing and deciduous.

In spring it has showy white flowers followed by blue black fruit that attract wildlife. The Flowering Dogwood Tree is ranked as America’s most popular dogwood tree and has been known as a soil improver.

This particular tree is extremely valuable for various wildlife because the fruit, flowers, twigs, seeds, bark, and leaves on it are utilized as food. The Kousa Dogwood Tree blooms in late spring to early summer and is commonly called the Japanese Flowering dogwood tree.

Lastly, the Cornelian Cherry Tree is a medium size dogwood tree that prefers partial shade and well-drained soil. Yellow flowers bloom in early spring, and the fruit from this tree is edible and often used for tart jellies, and fruit drinks.

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