Do-It-Yourself Home Plumbing Supplies

Home plumbing supplies are necessary for the do-it-yourself plumber. With the expensive additional cost of hiring professional plumbing services, most capable homeowners now prefer to do plumbing themselves. Repairs and installations on sinks, faucets, and piping can be done as long as the necessary plumbing supplies are available.

Where to Buy Plumbing Supplies

The basic tools and supplies needed for home plumbing can be bought at a nearby plumbing supply store or an online store. The best way to save money is to buy from a nearby local plumbing store because it does not require payment for shipping.

The DIY Plumbing Toolbox

Every DIY plumber needs to have a toolbox for plumbing tools and supplies. The very basic supplies needed for plumbing are wrenches. The toolbox should include a number of these tools. You should have adjustable wrenches, standard open end wrenches, and basin wrenches in the box. Wrenches are needed for tightening and loosening nuts and mounting hardware. While standard open end wrenches can be used for quite a good number of applications, the adjustable wrench is perfect for many applications that the open end wrenches cannot get done. Adjustable wrenches can fit more types of fittings than that of open end wrenches. A basin wrench is also necessary for hard to reach areas like fittings under the sink.

In addition to a set of wrenches, include a set of pliers as well. Include slip joint pliers, adjustable pliers and locking pliers for fittings that are hard to remove with wrenches. The teeth on the jaws of the pliers offer a firmer grip that can be used to remove rounded fittings that are harder to loosen.

Aside from wrenches and pliers, a set of pipe cutters will also be needed for cutting metal or PVC pipes. Pipe cutters offer a cleaner cut than that of a hacksaw. Although a hacksaw may not produce better cuts, it is still necessary for cutting metal pipes. PVC and PEX pipes can be easily cut by a pipe cutter.

Hammers, tape measure, and acetylene torches may also come in handy when working with pipes. The torch may be required when working with copper pipes that need to be soldered to avoid leakage. In addition, soldering equipment may also be added, like a soldering gun, soldering paste, and solder.

Emergency Plumbing Supplies

Once the plumbing tools are ready, make sure also to purchase additional fittings, elbows, and pipes in case of emergency repairs. Check out the most common fittings, elbows and other plumbing supplies needed at home and purchase emergency supplies to ensure that they are ready when needed. Include faucets as well in case old faucets break. If copper pipes are used at home, make sure to have soldering materials ready. Buy Teflon tape or pipe dope and pipe sealant to repair leaks as well as plumber’s putty for faucet installation.

When working with do-it-yourself plumbing, take note of the home plumbing supplies usually used and make sure to stock up on them for emergency repairs.