Dollhouse Dolls Materials: Resin, Plastic, or Wood?

If you need to purchase dollhouse dolls for your collectible toy dollhouse, you should purchase dolls that create the atmosphere in your dollhouse you want to create, and are made out of a material that is suitable and provides the best match for the overall dollhouse design and theme you want to create.

Common Types of Dollhouse Doll Materials

When choosing dolls to occupy your dollhouse, there are three primary types of materials that are used in their construction:

Plastic - These days, many of the cheapest miniature dolls used in dollhouses are made out of plastic and are imported from countries like

China or Taiwan. If you're looking for an inexpensive option for dollhouse dolls, plastic dolls will usually be your best choice.

Resin - Many higher-quality dollhouse dolls are made of resin and are actually cast in some sort of hand-made mold. Many serious dollhouse enthusiasts make their own resin dolls using available mold templates for sale at some arts and crafts stores or on the Internet.

Wood - Handcrafted wood dolls can be very expensive, but also make for some of the most detailed and authentic looking miniature dolls. Creating dollhouse dolls from wood does require a certain level of woodworking or carving skill and can take considerable time to create.