Dollhouse Furniture: A Guide to Scaling

If you want to make authentic looking dollhouse furniture for your dollhouse, you need to know that it is not as easy as you might think; but, with a little patience, a modest amount of skill and proper tools, it can be accomplished. If you want to build dollhouse furniture, you will need to know how to scale properly.

Scale Factors and How They Work

Dollhouses are built and sold in different designs and sizes and are use different scale factors. If you want to build your own dollhouse furniture for your dollhouse, you will have to understand the size and scale of the dollhouse that the furniture will be used in. When making your furniture, it is best to make your dollhouse furniture using a standard scale factor. This will make things much easier.

Scale factors are measured in terms of fractions. Most dollhouses are built to a scale of 1/12 and 1/24. The fraction 1/12 indicates that a 1/12 scale house is 1/12 of a real house of same design and normal size. By using standard scale factors when designing your furniture, it will be easier to understand the measurements needed to make your furniture pieces.

You should use graph paper to easily scale furniture for your dollhouse. Graph paper has small boxes that cover the entire page , that you can use to help you create correct scale factors. If your dollhouse is built to 1/12 scale, each small box would be used to represent 3 real life inches and 4 boxes would equal one foot. Using the 1/24 scale factor, 1 box would equal 6 inches and 2 boxes would equal one foot.

Scaling Dollhouse Furniture

Once you understand how a scale factor works for your dollhouse, you can use this information to sketch a smaller scale version of furniture. For example, let’s create a table that will be placed in a dollhouse built to a 1/12 scale factor.

Tale the graph paper and draw the 3 sides of the table: the front, the side and the top. The back and bottom sides of the table will be equal to the opposite side indicated in your drawing.

The table in our example is 30 inches high, 42” wide and 24 inches deep.
The 30 inch height of the table, would require 10 boxes on the graph paper, the 42 inch length would be drawn using 14 boxes and finally the 24 inch depth covers 6 boxes.

Creating Scaled Drawings

Once you have the smaller scale size measurements for your dollhouse furniture, you should then create a scale drawing of the furniture. The drawing can then be use as a stencil or for creating measurements for sawing wood or cutting plastic pieces to be used in making furniture for your dollhouse. Alternatively, you could copy the drawings on heavy duty construction paper or cardboard, and then cut them out to be used as stencils or templates for drawing the cutting guide for the pieces directly on the material to be cut.