Dollhouse Furniture Patterns

For the expert model maker, dollhouse furniture can be quite a challenge. The problem isn’t so much in the creating the model, but in maintaining the scale.

Where to Get Patterns

Dollhouses are now a very popular hobby and many public libraries have sections dealing with model furniture making, including free patterns. Free patterns cover most modern furniture styles and do cover some popular older styles. Since the models are usually true scale models, patterns and designs for full size furniture can be used. The measurements need to be reduced to the scale size with any compromises necessary because of impossible dimensions.


Converting a pattern from full size to the model size is a simple matter of division. Converting a pattern to a different style requires a little more imagination. Often, the best way to create a specific style is to make a standard carcass and embellish it with the ornamentation associated with the required style. This could be as simple as adding a particular type of drawer pull or door handle.

Furniture is always changing, so there is no reason that you should not create your own patterns. Careful choice of materials and combinations of colors can make something special of an otherwise unremarkable item.