Dollhouse Patterns

Building a dollhouse is a very popular hobby. A well made and decorated dollhouse with miniature dolls, furniture toys and home furnishings is an enjoyable home decoration. Many of the popular dollhouse styles are copied from many architectural styles that are well known and admired. These styles are from the old and classical styles like the Victorian or Colonial homes to the more modern Ranch, log cabin or beach house.

Whether you are planning to build a dollhouse for a child to play with and decorate or an item to create a favorite home style as a decorative item in your home - plans, kits and materials are available. Plans and building patterns are available in books, kits and can be found on the internet. Furniture and home furnishings miniatures are also readily available. The kits will come with everything you need to construct this miniature copy of a home you might dream of owning.

Victorian Style Doll Houses

The Victorian is known for its steep roofs with gable ends. The house trims are decorated with gingerbread type styles and are painted in soft colors combinations not usually used in other home styles. Pinks and soft greens are used with white trim pieces. Many times the walls have a clapboard look. Roof tops peaks are crowned with a decorative finial.

Colonial Style Doll Houses

A Colonial house has a plain clapboard exterior. Doors are plan with a functional look. The interiors have open hearth fireplaces in most of the rooms. The furnishings are wood and functional. These houses have a plain and clean appearance.

English Tutor Style Doll Houses

The English Tutor home has clean lines, usually a whitewashed stucco wall covering with dark wooden beams and posts exposed.

Building the Dollhouse

Since this dollhouse is a decorative item, the house should be built to last and all structural components should be installed properly. Changes from the pattern can cause the dollhouse to be weakened just as with a well designed real home structure. Follow the directions and do not vary from the instructions.

Scaling Considerations

When using plans to design and create a realistic doll house, you will also need to understand how scaling works in order to be able to properly cut and assemble your dollhouse properly. While most plans will include cut measurements and dimensions, you should understand how the size is proportionate and relate to dimension measurements for a real house. This will be especially important if you are creating your own doll house plans or are using plans that are not so detailed or provide very little information on specific sizes and dimensions to be cut and used. Remember some doll house plans are more complete than others.


After spending all the time and money on the dollhouse, keeping the colors and furnishings true to the period and style will increase the beauty and enjoyment in displaying.  

Scaled down wallpaper patterns, framed artwork are available as well as period furniture and furnishings. These miniatures are scaled down replicas of the original pieces.