Door Alarm

A door alarm is an effective device used to secure an entry point by using a sensor to detect when it has been opened. Door alarms come in several types and are installed both as self-contained units that feature their own internal sirens as well as wireless or wired components of a home or business security system. Self-contained magnetic sensor alarms are available, as are door stopper alarms, neither of which requires wiring. Door sensors used with larger systems either connect to the control panel via a wire or feature a wireless signal transmitter.

Self-Contained Door Alarms

Whether you need to monitor a door leading to a pool, provide some security at an entry point during the day or night or make sure a young child does not inadvertently wander off, a self-contained door alarm offers an easy-to-install, affordable solution. Once in place and armed, the door alarm's internal siren will sound should the contact point or sensor be triggered.

Magnet sensor alarms are 2-part units. One part fastens to the door, the other part to the frame. Opposing magnets, one in each component, form a contact point that, if broken, triggers the alarm. Door stopper alarms are wedge-shaped floor units equipped with a sensor that detects force of an opening door.

Door Alarm Features

Door stopper and magnetic sensor alarms come with an on/off switch for easy arming and disarming. Some units feature an auto reset function, programmable keypad and delay. Door stopper alarms feature a non-slip rubber undercoating so the unit won't slide over the floor. Self-contained door alarms are wireless, battery-powered units that also may feature an LED indicator when the power runs low.

Full System Components

Door alarm sensors used in larger systems are typically smaller, 2-part devices that install in a similar fashion to self-contained magnet sensors. Either wirelessly or through a hardwired connection, a signal is instantly sent to the control panel when the armed sensor detects door movement, sounding the alarm from a central location rather than at the door.