Door Alarm Sensor

While installing a full alarm system is always an option, a more affordable alternative is to install a door alarm sensor at the entry point of your home or apartment. A door sensor is easy to install on virtually any type of door, whether it is a pool gate, liquor cabinet or home access point. An alarm sensor operates wirelessly on battery power and features a loud, internal siren that emits a harsh tone whenever the guarded door is opened.

Door Alarm Design

Door alarm sensors are fairly uncomplicated devices that use magnets to create a contact point between two separate pieces. The 2 parts install directly onto a door and the frame immediately adjacent to it. With the door closed and the parts in place, the opposing magnets situated in each of the parts meet and make the seal. Once armed, when the door is opened, the magnetic seal is broken and the internal alarm sounds.

Features and Use

Features of a door alarm sensor typically include on/off switch and an automatic reset. Some alarms feature a keypad for arming/disarming. Power is commonly provided by a 9-volt battery. Use a door alarm sensor to guard entry to a pool, to provide a measure of security during the night or to make sure you don't lose track of a small child or elderly parent among other uses.