Door Frame Fan Installation Tips

A door frame fan will help in will help in circulating the air from one room to the other. These fans will be really helpful when one room has a fireplace or an air conditioner, and the other does not. They help in balancing the temperatures all around the house. Installing a door frame fan is not very difficult. You just need to keep a few tips to expedite the process.

Proper Electrical Wiring
The first point to keep in mind before installing the doorway fan is to ensure that the electrical wiring has been setup well by a professional team. The wiring needs to be properly grounded in order to prevent electrocution and short circuits. Also, make sure that wires are not placed in such a way that people can trip over them. Encase and insulate the wires well.

Size of the Fan
Ensure that you choose the fan that is of the right size for the door frame. If you choose a large fan for a small door frame, then the fan will hit people's heads as they walk through the door. If the fan is too small, the objective of having a door frame fan will not be met.

Fix it Firmly

While installing the doorway fan, you have to make sure that the fan is fixed firmly to the door frame. When drilling into the frame, ensure that you don’t cause damage to it. While placing the screws and tightening them, make sure that they are firmly seated.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure perfect installation of the door frame fan.