Door Handle Latch Replacement Made Easy Door Handle Latch Replacement Made Easy

Replacing a door handle latch is probably one of the easiest home repair projects you will ever tackle.  Before you pick out a new door handle carefully measure the door in which you will be installing it. Once you have the correct size and the style that meets your needs the installation is very simple.

Start by removing the current door handle latch. First, unscrew the latch from the edge of the door and then remove first the knob and cover plate, then all remaining screws underneath the cover plate on one side of the door. This will enable you to remove the knob from the other side very easily and the latch from the edge of the door.

Next, when you place the new door handle latch make sure that the knob with the screwed side is facing into the room, rather than outside. You don't want someone on the outside unscrewing the door knob and entering the room.

 If you are replacing the door handle with one that has a locking system, make sure you have the keys with you to check the lock during or after installation.

Remember to measure correctly After you have measured everything to fit together the correct way, insert the screws and tighten them up.  Very simple!

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