Door Hardware: Replacement Made Easy With 3 Tools Door Hardware: Replacement Made Easy With 3 Tools

Installing door hardware replacements ranges from very simple to mildly complicated, depending on the design of your individual door and the differences in the old hardware and the new.  

For most replacements, the only three tools you’ll need are:

  1. a flat head screwdriver
  2. a phillip’s head screwdriver
  3. an electric drill with various bits (for the more complicated replacements)


Hinges are usually the easiest piece of door hardware replacement to install, since they have changed little over the years. To replace it, remove the old hardware using the appropriate screwdriver – usually a phillip’s head.  

You should paint the area where the hinges were, since it is unlikely that the new ones will be exactly the same size, and screw the new ones on. Use care to avoid using the exact same holes as the old hinges used. 

Door Handles

Replacing door handles is usually simple. The circular openings are a standard size, and theoretically all handles should be interchangeable. However, in practicality, the designs are slightly different, and some holes need to be sheared out to accommodate a new door handle. This happens often on older, solid wood doors. The phillip’s head screwdriver or the flathead screwdriver are both needed for most door handle replacements. Generally, the phillip’s head is used for attaching the actual handle. Don’t use the cordless drill, as you’ll be likely to make them too tight. 

To make the hole for the handle larger, you can use the electric drill with a hole saw or a large bit (such as a ¼ inch bit). Shear only a small amount at a time, or you may end up with a hole so large that the handle won’t hide it. 


Latches are often installed with the new door handle. They are the items that most often have compatibility problems with the old configuration. If simply screwing in a new strike plate and installing the new latch isn’t effective, then you need to examine the reasons. Use the flat head screwdriver to install the latch, and the phillip’s head to install the strike plate. 

If there are problems, you may simply need to move the strike plate slightly, but you may also need to shear out the latch hole or the hole under the strike plate with the drill.  

These three simple tools are generally all that is needed to complete door hardware replacement on any door.

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