Door Panel Removal Made Easy Door Panel Removal Made Easy

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Whether you’re looking to refurbish or clean your car, door panel removal is a crucial part to being able to adjust any of the features on your car doors. While many may turn to costly professional door panel removal, this is not necessary. By following some simple steps, you can remove your car door panel easily and without damaging any of the components behind the panel. The steps below will cover how to do this.

Step 1 – Removing the Lock

The first step to removing your car door panel is to remove the lock if it is the type of lock that comes out of the inner panel as opposed to the outer panel. This can be done by simply unscrewing the notch.

Step 2 – Remove the Door Handle

The second step is to remove the inside door handle located on the door panel. Sometimes this will come off with some pressure but most of the time, there will be another screw securing this into place which will need to be removed.

Step 3 – Remove the Armrest

The next step for door panel removal is to remove the armrest from the panel. Sometimes this armrest is permanently attached to the panel. However, most of the time it is secured by screws which should be taken out.

Step 4 – Removing the Panel Itself

When removing the actual panel, you should make sure not to apply any excessive force. This being said, some panels can be quite difficult to remove from the interior of the car door, but you should take your time completing this step to make sure that you do no damage to the panel or the door itself. This essential step for door panel removal can be accomplished a lot easier by sliding the tip of the screwdriver through narrow slots around where the panel is connected to the interior portion of the door and then prying sections of the panel out. Once the panel is partially removed, you should be able to pull it off by hand. It should also be noted that some door panels are screwed to the door again near where the side mirrors connect to the outside of the door. If this is the case, simply remove these screws and, once again, pull the panel off by hand.

Once all of this is accomplished, you should have a good view of the inner workings of your door and should be well prepared to make any adjustments that you find necessary.

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