Door Panel Repair Made Easy

Anyone can do door panel repair without a sweat. You really do not have to spend so much money or effort when it comes to fixing and replacing door panels, particularly in your garage.

Make Preparations

The first thing you need to do is to check if your door is still under warranty because you can have your supplier replace the panels at minimal (or no) cost. However, if the warranty has already expired, you can order the new panels that you need. Once the orders arrive, you have to prepare your work area. Disconnect electricity, springs and safety cables used for the automatic doors before you fix or remove anything.

Start Removing Broken Panels Individually

Next, take out damaged panels. To fix your door, particularly the garage door, be sure to slide each of the broken panel out of the doorframe one by one. Put extra care so that you do not damage more panels.

Mount the New Panels

Finally, set up the new panels on your garage door. Just make sure that you install the panels according to the instructions of the manufacturer. If you follow the steps carefully, you will not have any problem. By the way, if your door is made of wood, you also need to repaint the existing panels so they would look new just like the ones you have just installed.