Door Replacement Made Easy

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Door Replacement projects are an easy way to transform the look and feel of your home. They don't involve extensive or costly construction. Before initiating a door replacement project, you should consider its purpose.

Do you need to replace the doors for better functionality, to avoid wear and tear due to weather conditions, or for better style and appearance? This thought process simplifies the decision-making required while selecting your new door. The following steps help in making your door replacement project easy.

Choosing the Materials

Choices to consider for an exterior door replacement project:

Fiberglass, metal or hard wood are the most reliable choices for your doors.

If you decide on wood doors, the best options include maple, birch, mahogany, cherry, or oak. A few choices to consider for an interior door replacement project are as follows.

Hollow-core doors made up of mahogany, oak or birch are economical choices for interior doors.

Organizing your ideas on the kind of look and feel you want

If you want to add an element of sophistication and style to the entry points of your home, replacing your current doors with French doors is a good choice.
If certain areas of your home don't require a lot of privacy are partitioned with heavy doors, try using glass doors instead. This adds variety in the décor of your interior doors.

Glass sliding doors for your patio or back entrance, not only add a different look to your home, but also utilize your home space in an optimal manner.
Replacing your bedroom closet doors with bi-fold doors can also add some diversity to the look and feel of your interior doors.

Assembling the new door

Remove the old door by unscrewing the nails and taking off the pins from its hinges with the help of a screwdriver. If the pin does not come out easily, then gently tap it out with hammer. It is important to be cautious while removing the old door and not damage the door frame.

Removing the hinges is easier if the door is supported by a wedge which takes the weight off the hinge. The original hinges, lockset and pins of the old door can be reused if they are compatible with your new door.

Use your old door in finding out the dimensions of your new door. The old door can be used to determine the locations and patterns of the hinges required for the new door. Trim the new door if required with the help of a straightedge guide and a circular saw.

Install the new hinges to fix the new door to the frame by using a power drill. The screws should be long enough to go through the door frame. Be careful not to drive the screws too deep. Power drills are strong enough and can easily cause a dent in the door frame.

After hanging the new door in the door frame, secure it with door knobs and locks.

Pre-Hung Doors simplify the installation of new doors because they are assembled with hinges, knobs and locks and save a lot of your time. Selecting pre-hung doors that meet your requirements helps in speeding your door replacement project.

Make sure that you consult experts and take adequate safety precautions for your eyes and hands during your door replacement projects.