Door Security Systems: Installation Made Easy Door Security Systems: Installation Made Easy

Installing door security systems to protect your home from break-ins is quite simple if carried out with the help of a security systems kit. Most door security systems are comprised of main control board for sending and receiving signals, sensors that send signals to the control board, an alarm system comprising of a sound source like a loud buzzer to indicate intrusion, and a control panel to operate the security system.

The following points provide general pointers to make your door security system installation process easy.

Concise guide to install door security systems

  • Install the control board or the mother board that detects the signals from the sensors and sends them to the security company. As the control board requires power to operate, it should be preferably installed in close proximity with your home’s fuse box. The control board also needs to have an access to a phone line.
  • Choose the doors on which you want to place the sensors. Sensors are instruments which send signals to the control board after detecting an event like opening and closing of doors or windows. For greater security, you should consider placing door sensors on all the doors that allow an entry to your home. For example, the garage door, patio door, back yard door or also the connecting door between your garage and your home.
  • Decide where you want the sound source or the sounder of the security system to be located. The sounder will set an alarm in the event of an intrusion or a break-in through the door. If you want the sounder to be mounted outdoors, then you should shield the sounder from the weather, by installing it in a protective metal box. If you want the sounder to be located indoors, you need not install it in a protective metal box. Mount the sounder on the wall in a place where it can be heard easily. Placing an indoor sounder in a closet or other confined space is not recommended. Some door security kits also include glass break alarms or secondary alarms that detect intrusions which occur due to breaking of glasses of an entry door or a window.
  • Install the remote control panel at a convenient location beside your main entry door. The control panel is used to control the security system and to activate or deactivate the security alarm system when you enter or leave your home.

Wired and Wireless Door Security Systems

In wired door security systems, the various components need to be connected to the main control board with the help of wires. With the smooth assimilation of wireless technology in all walks of our lives, it is a good decision to go for a wireless door security system rather than wired door security system. It is easier to install and saves the hassle of running wires and cables required to connect the various security system components.

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