Door Stop Alarm

Produced by a number of different manufacturers including General Electric, a door stop alarm is yet another alternative to a total home security system. Like a magnetic door alarm, a door stop alarm is a self-contained sensor and siren, designed to alert the occupant of a house when a monitored door is opened. Rather than deal with the expense and installation procedure of a complete wireless or hardwired home alarm system, set a pressure-sensitive door stop alarm in place behind entry doors for a suitable deterrent to forced intrusion.

How It Works

A door stop alarm is wedge shaped with a pressure-sensitive top. When activated, it is designed to sound an audible alarm as soon as a door is opened into it. With its base pad made of non-slip rubber, the door stop alarm will stay put as the door opens, not only serving as an alarm but as a traditional stopper as well.


Door stop alarms are commonly powered by a single 9-volt battery. Installation requires no wiring or retrofitting of any kind. Simply activate the unit and set it into place. The high-decibel alarm will alert you to the opened door from anywhere in your home. Door stop alarms include an on/off switch and a low-battery indicator. In addition for use at home, a door stop alarm is small enough to carry with you when you travel.