Door Weather Stripping for Wooden Doors Door Weather Stripping for Wooden Doors

Door weather stripping is the one thing that stands between the inside of your home and the cold weather outside. The home that is properly insulated will have weather stripping that is in good repair and not worn or damaged. To keep your home in good condition, make sure that you monitor the weather stripping around your doors and windows regularly.

Different Types of Weather Stripping

There are different types of weather stripping for wood doors that can be added to your home to help with insulation. The different styles can be fastened to the door with screws or it can be fastened right to the wood on the door. There are also different colors and styles so that the weather stripping is invisible and does not clash with the décor of the room.

Wood door weather stripping can be painted if it is going to show around your door. This will allow the material to blend right in with the wood and look as though it is just a part of the door. Many of the materials that you will find in the stores are colored brown to closely match the color of doors. Look for the right color and style for your door.

Once you have your weather stripping firmly attached to the door, you should check it regularly to be sure that it is still keeping drafts out of the home. The weather stripping that you choose to install on your doors will have a dramatic effect on your energy and heating bills during the winter. By regularly checking the weather stripping, you can avoid drafts and high energy bills before it becomes a problem.

Keeping your home energy efficient requires you to be vigilant about the insulation and weather stripping on all of your doors and windows. Check the windows for drafts and cold air to find problems with the window weather stripping.

Replace Damaged Stripping

It is relatively simple to replace the weather stripping from the doors and windows in your home. On a door, you may have to remove the door from the hinges to get at all of the stripping around the door jamb and on the top and bottom of the doors. It will also keep the door out of your way while you are working. Take the time to find all of the old stripping in the door where you are feeling a draft or cold air.

Remove the old stripping with a pry bar or screwdriver and replace it with new material. Over time the stripping can become hard and cracked. Replace it with flexible weather stripping that will keep the heat in your home where it belongs.

If you are adding weather stripping to your doors for the first time, make sure that you put the material in all the areas where heat can escape the home. This should be done on all the doors and windows throughout your home to keep your energy bills low.

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