Installing a Key in Knob Lock Installing a Key in Knob Lock

1. Locate how high on the door you want the lock to be (the average height is about 36 inches).

2. Bend the template supplied with the lock and wrap it around the door. A specified side should be on the face of the door with the other side on the edge of the door.

3. With a sharp instrument, mark the two holes indicated on the edge and the face of the door.

4. Insert and secure the hole saw into your 318 inch drill to drill the lock hole through the face of the door. (The lock manufacturer will specify the size of the hole saw.) Take care to drill straight and in the exact location of your template mark. Center the pilot drill and drill the hole until the pilot drill pokes through the other side. Pull the hole saw out and begin drilling from the other side using the pilot hole as your center guide. This assures a clean cut.

5. Your next step is drilling the latch hole on the edge of the door, using the specified spade bit. Drill until this hole meets the larger hole you just drilled.

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6.Now you can install the spring latch plate. Insert the latchbolt and plate so that it is lined up exactly over the hole in the edge of the door. Outline the plate with a sharp pencil or utility knife. Standard latches are approximately 1" x 2 1/4 " x 1/8 " deep.

7. First use your chisel to outline the area with a groove the thickness of the latch plate. With a sharp chisel of the same width as the latch plate, chisel out an area to the exact depth of the latch plate. Do this very carefully using light taps with the hammer. Dig into the wood with the beveled edge of the chisel towards the door. You don't want to go too deep - the latch plate must sit exactly flush with the door.

8. After chiseling, inset the latchbolt and plate to mark screw holes. Remove the plate and pre-drill pilot holes using a drill bit with a shank size slightly smaller than the screws. Then install the latchbolt and plate with the screws provided.

9. Now you can slip the exterior section of the lock mechanism through the hole in the face of the door, threading it through the latch piece. Add the interior section of the lock mechanism and attach both sections with the screws provided. Place the cover plate over the interior section and slip on the knob, pressing the spring clip to secure.

10. The final steps involve installing the strike plate into the doorjamb. This is an assembly made up of a metal box and finished strikeplate.

11. Locate the exact center of the strikeplate on the door frame by measuring up from the floor to the exact center of the latchplate and transferring that measurement to the door jam. Drill two holes with a 7/8" drill bit. The center of one hole should be 3/8 of an inch ABOVE the exact center of the strikeplate, and the center of the other hole 3/8 of an inch BELOW the strikeplate center. Then chisel out this figure 8 pattern to tightly fit the metal finer.

12. Drill pilot holes and secure this rough strike plate with 3 inch screws.

13. Now insert the metal liner and screw in the finished strike plate.

14. Try your lock and key and give the knob a good tug to check your work.

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