Installing a Deadbolt 6 - Spring Latch Plate

Door Security - Deadbolts - Install - Template - Drill - Spring Latch Plate - Strikeplate

Margin of Error: Exact

Most Common Mistakes

  1. Chiseling the hole sloppily or too deep.
  2. Not drilling pilot holes before inserting screws.

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After both holes are drilled you are now ready to install the spring latch plate. This is a rather simple task and should come out perfectly if you take your time and do it accurately. You will need to mortise (inset) the plate into the edge of the door so that it is flush with the surface of the edge.

Place the plate so that the hole in the plate lines up exactly over the hole you drilled in the edge of the door. It is a good idea to actually install the spring latch itself in the door temporarily to be sure the plate is properly located.

Once you are sure the plate is properly placed, hold it snug against the edge of the door. With a sharp pencil or a utility knife, outline the plate on the door. Now you can chisel out this area to a depth equal to the thickness of the plate. This will allow the plate to sit flush with the surface of the edge of the door. Use a sharp chisel the same width as the plate, if possible. Use light taps with a hammer so you won't gouge out too much wood and sink the plate too deeply. As always when chiseling, remember that the bevel part of the blade should be digging into the wood. This causes the chisel to always deflect out of the wood and not gouge too deep. Go slowly here to create a tight fit. Typical spring latch plates.

When you are satisfied with the fit, you can install the plate with the two0 screws provided. In situations like this I always advise that you drill pilot holes first, then screw in the screws. A pilot hole is a hole drilled with a bit that is slightly thinner than the shank of the nail. This pilot hole assures that the screw will go in straight and not split the wood. After the pilot holes are drilled, hold the plate firmly against the door and install the screws.

With the cover plate and spring latch in place you can now install the lock mechanism. This comes in two pieces, each inserted from either side of the door. Needless to say, be sure the exterior section is pointing out Slip in the exterior section, threading it through the latch piece, and then the interior. These two are joined together by two screws that insert through the interior section and screw into the exterior section, tightly sandwiching the door and firmly holding the lock in place. Now place the cover plate over the interior section. Finally, slip on the knob. There is usually a spring clip that you must press down to slip on the knob. When you release this clip, it fits into a groove.

Door Security - Deadbolts - Install - Template - Drill - Spring Latch Plate - Strikeplate