Doorway Pull-Up Bar Installation In 4 Steps

a person in a pink-red shirt doing pull ups

Doorway pull-up bars are quite the rage today because of the simple but effective nature of the product. They work great if used correctly and require very little of your time. The best part of it is that it is not only easy to use, but even easy to install and requires literally no extra skill. Just follow some simple instructions and you are all set to reap the benefits of your pull up bar.

Step 1 - Location
This is the first step in installing the pull-up bar and is a very crucial step. Since the bar will be handling a lot of weight, it is imperative that you choose an apt location to install it. Make sure that you have the correct dimensions with you before starting the installation. The doorway pull-up bars are designed to easily fit into a 32” wide doorway with border trim. This means that you will need a total leeway of 32”, distributed evenly on either side. Avoid doors located in corners and also ones with weak frames. As much as possible, try and make sure that you do not exert undue pressure on weaker surfaces.

Step 2 - Deciding on one

Once you know the location, decide on the model that suits you the best. There are a plethora of options available in the market, and this should not be a difficult choice if you know what you need. Make sure that all your requirements are satisfied and that you are happy with the equipment before settling down on one. If possible, try it out before you buy to make sure there are no issues while using it.

Step 3 - Installing the Bar

This is probably the easiest step of them all. Once you have your pull-up bar in hand, go to the location where you had decided to install it. Next, center the pull-up bar in the door frame and raise the pull-up bar such that the rear horizontal beam rests on top of the trim. The horizontal beam on the inside of the door frame should be resting comfortably on the frame and be parallel to it as well as the floor. Occasionally, you may feel like the pull-up bar is not resting as comfortably as it ought to. In this case, install the door “J” brackets to fasten the pull-up bar against the frame. The disadvantage with this is that it will leave holes on your walls, which is not preferable.

Once installation is complete, pull down on the bar to make sure it is snug. If everything feels right, you are ready to go.

Step 4 - Maintenance

Maintaining the bar is minimal and because of its simple nature, it requires literally zero maintenance. The only thing that you need to worry about is that the bar is securely seated at all times and that your walls are not cracking or breaking under the pressure of the weight. It would be wise to periodically check if the bar is seated firmly albeit it is very rare that it would move from the initial location.