Dorm Room Closet Organization and Decorating Dorm Room Closet Organization and Decorating

Getting settled into your college dormatory requires dorm room closet organization as well as decorating. These tips will help you create a functional and attractive living space for your college years.

Closet Organization                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The object of closet organization is to be able to easily access everything you need. Apart from the items you will hang in the closet, you want short bookcases, storage bins or containers for other items. If you choose storage bins or containers, buy transparent ones or label them so you know what they contain. You can also use 3-section or 3-drawer storage wheeled storage units. Another good idea is hanging shelves, which usually have six compartments and are space efficient.

Study Space

You need a comfortable place to study. Select an area of your dorm room to place a desk and choose one that has built in shelves so you don't take up extra space with your textbooks and other materials. A good light source for studying is a must. If you have adequate surface space, a lamp with good task  lighting is the way to go. Otherwise, buy a clip-on lamp to attach to a nearby shelf. You can place a small rug under your desk chair for a attractive accent.

Bedding Decor

Okay, now you can get creative! First, choose a theme. Do you want whimsical or sensible? Charming or sophisticated? Now that you have a look in mind go out and buy a comforter and sheet set that portrays the image you want to project. It is a good idea to buy a 2-sided comforter so you can change the look of your room without an added expense or extra stuff to store. 

Wall Art and Decorations

With your wall art and other decorations, you can stay within your theme or go contrary to it. If you stay within your theme and you chose to go whimsical, you can now add comical posters or funny photographs of you, your friends and family to your walls. The best time to go contrary to your theme is when you have decorated your bed and study area in a sophisticated and mature fashion. You can put up movie and band posters, or posters with clever or witty sayings, showing that you are serious about studying but still know how to have fun. You can also place some artsy sculptures or vases around the room, on your desk or dresser for example.

You have successfully decorated your dorm room to be both stylish and organized. Knowing where your stuff is and having a clean and organized study area will be invaluable to you during this time of your life.


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