Dorm Room Living: Unique Lighting Themes Dorm Room Living: Unique Lighting Themes

You will want your dorm room lighting to support not only your study tasks, but your casual entertaining hours as well. While bright directed light is best for studing, when you put the books away and invite friends over, you will want something softer and more ambient. Most dorms do not allow any kind of open flame lighting so do not even think about bringing in candles. But there are way to recreate the low light and fragrant smell of a candle without striking a match. 


Dorm Lighting Options

The one type of lamp that almost every dorm room needs is the tall torchiere that provides even light throughout the room. To add an alternative level of low lights, string up mini or Christmas lights around the upper corners of the room for instant ambiance. There are also rope lights that can be strung just about anywhere very easily. Getting some designer desk lamps with multiple levels of light will take care of your functional needs as well as your aesthetic desires. Even a small lamp behind your media center will add a special touch to your room.  

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