Dorm Rooms For Girls: Wall Decor Tips

There are several ways to make a girl's dorm rooms look fabulous by adding some paint and technique onto the walls. Everyone wants to have a unique style, so here are a couple of tips to make an ordinary wall in a dorm room extraordinary.


Stripes are a quick way to add some vibration into the room. They work best on one wall, using a similar color range that is already being used on the other walls.  For example, if your walls are green; choose a palette such as burgundy for contrast, gold, and two other shades of green and allowing the original green of the wall to be exposed as well. Try vertical stripes on one wall. They look best when they are irregular widths and not in a pattern. An idea would be a 3-inch stripe, 5-inch stripe, 1-inch stripe and so on. You can make straight striped lines by taking a ruler and measuring out your widths at the top, middle and bottom of the wall lightly with a pencil. Then, take paper tape and start at the edge of your mark from the top of the wall down while slowly pulling the tape, making a straight line. After about a foot of tape is set correctly, go back and firmly press it down. Do this for the entire wall. Then choose one color of paint to work with at a time. I recommend using acrylic paint from an art store for decorative accents, rather than house paint.

Make sure that water-based acrylic is going on top of water-based interior paint; it will not stick to oil-based paints. Acrylic paint needs to be mixed with a little bit of water from a spray bottle to make it the consistency of a raw egg. And, using smaller paint brushes will help the process along. Make sure to not let the acrylic paint dry on your paintbrushes. When you paint your stripe, have half the brush go over the tape and half on the wall to make sure you get a clean paint line. Carefully remove the tape when the area dries, which takes about 8 minutes or less.


Another way to make a fashionable wall for girls is to use stencils. One of my favorite walls exists in a local coffee shop. The wall started as a bright fuchsia. The designer found an outline picture of a tree with little birds on it and transferred it to her wall in black paint, with white accents. Its very classy, fun and chic. If you find a pattern or image you would love to transfer to your wall but you don't draw, it is helpful to use photocopy transfers.  First make sure your solid color wall is dry. Look through books or the Internet at images you would like to recreate. I recommend looking at silhouettes to get some ideas. Print out the image you want, measure your wall and bring both your measurements and the printout to your local photocopy shop.  Have them enlarge the image to the dimensions you provide. It may be on several sheets that you'll have to tile and tape together. Take chalk that will show up on your wall and cover the back of the photocopies with it. Tape the photocopies in place where you want the transfer and use a pencil to draw the outline on top of the photocopy print out. Take off the paper and you'll see the outline of your drawing. At this point, choose any color acrylic paint to fill it in.